Monday, August 5

Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate

We discovered after we got home from the Jane Austen Festival, that our friend and fellow Acasta member Jim Apple was hurt while on vacation. He sliced the palm of his thumb on his right hand, severing the flexor tendon and nerves. Not only did he have to have emergency surgery while he was far from home, but now he’s going to miss out on several months of work. 

A fund was set up to help him where you can very easily donate to help out our shipmate.He is dealing with medical bills from the injury and concerns about his income for the next few months while he recovers. He is a very private person and would never ask for help, so we’re asking for him. You can help by going to the link below.

And if you can’t donate NOW, donate LATER, and share the link around to those that may be in a position to assist! Thanks so much!

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