Monday, August 26

Upon the occasion of the Admiral's Retirement

Old Harbour, Jamaica
29th July, 1812
Aboard Mercury

My dear Sir,

If this letter was deliver’d as it was meant to be, it should have arrived to you with the Portrait that I have commissioned. Know sir that it was only my Esteem and affection for you that gave rise to its creation, and in no way motivated out of a desire for advancement or favour with the Admiralty. You have always been so very kind to my men and I in our endeavours aboard the Acasta, it was my desire to repay that kindness to you in some small way.

It is my hope that it will adorn the walls of your home for years to come, and then, the walls of your children and grandchildren who will look upon it and recall, with fond emotion, the fine man that you are.

My only regret is that I am unable to deliver this portrait to you in person. I am bound for England where I must see my man of business and tend to the final details of the purchase of my new estate, Purvis Lodge.

I wish you all health and success in your endeavours, and please know that I am

Your most humble servant
Captain Jas. Robt. Rehme K.B.
HM Ship Acasta

Vic Suthren with his portrait

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