Tuesday, November 8

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 6

After the long trip back from the Indiana Territory, Lt. Ramsey and I have returned to the coast where we were instructed to signal the Acasta. We got there earlier in the day than expected, several hours before the pre-set time, so we sat on the coastline and watched the ships moving up and down through our scopes.

At noon, Lt. Ramsey thought he espied the Acasta, and told me to have a look to confirm it before we set up the rocket. I used my new scope, and with its greatly enhanced magnification over my older scope, I was able to pick her out instantly, I could nearly make out the individual men on deck!

Lt. Ramsey got the rocket out of the pack and we set it at an angle to send it out over the water where it might be seen by those aboard with the greatest ease. We lit it and sent it on its way, there was a great red conflagration and then the flare fell slowly to the sea.

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