Friday, November 18

LT. Hamiltons Log 18 November

Noon sighting place Acasta 43˚ 48’ N 59˚ 46’ W. We passed to the east of Sable Island.
Sky is bright, winds fair and steady from the NNE and a moderate chop on the sea.
Being my first log in ten days due a bout with the bilious fever and the Doctors ministrations I am happy to note that my health is fully restored.

I am also pleased to report that in my absence from duty the Doctor and the Lieutenant were indeed able to work their way back to the coast and ignite the luminary directing our boat to the rendezvous point. Both gentlemen are safely back on board and performing their duties. The Doctor, having been absent from his surgery, approached my recovery with the utmost zeal and fervor to the point that I have developed a great resolve to remain healthy.

The ships stores remain in excellent condition in consequence of our re-provisioning in Halifax. Acasta state of repair is also excellent form same visit as above.

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