Saturday, November 5

A Report from the Field Part 5

After capturing Miss W. & Mrs. Cooper
After drinks at the Harmon Estate, we returned to the Ordinary to take rest for the evening.  The next morning we returned to our chase with a renewed sense of determination.  Believing that our best chance of taking this Sgt. Baker was to ensnare him in a trap, we approached the 95th Rifles in order to enlist their assistance.  Upon speaking with their Captain, it was determined that Lt. Lynch was to gather a small volunteer force to first capture the courier and then we would use her, under threat, to help capture Sgt. Baker.  We hoped that we would also collect our double agent in the capture of the courier, in order to keep suspicions down and use her to pass the courier’s message to the American spy.  Unfortunately, our agent was not with Ms. Waterman, but Mrs. Cooper, the wife of one of the American Riflemen, was.

Lt. Lynch of the 95th Rifles
Having captured the courier, we reset the trap for Sgt. Baker.  Seeing that Mrs. Cooper would be unwilling to serve the same purpose as our agent, we decided that our only course of action was for one of us to stay and lead the ambush and the other to see if he could somehow bring Sgt. Baker out of the American camp.  The Doctor to stayed with the 95th Rifles and I should escort Mrs. Cooper back to the American camp hoping perhaps by pressing Mr. and Mrs. Cooper we would be able to at least give a face to the American spy.  In the enemy camp, Ms. Cooper did everything in her power to show her distress and raise the alarm.  I attempted to pull Mr. Cooper aside in order speak with him but an impertinent private among their ranks interrupted us.  Words were exchanged between the private and I as angers arose and characters were questioned.  On the verge of demanding satisfaction, the private apologized after seeing my commission.

Before the situation could deteriorate any further and I could be clapped in irons, I decided that it would be best to return to the Doctor’s position in the town, as I had not declared formal parlay upon entering their camp.   When I returned to the town the men of the 95th Rifles were recalled with a reported of Action being soon at hand.   Crestfallen we were forced to re think our strategy. be continued...

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