Wednesday, October 26

Lieutenant Hamiltons Log 23 October

It had been my ardent hope to slip into shore with the cutter under the cover of darkness to recover the Lieutenant and the Doctor and avoid the notice of the Americans. The cutter is far easier to bring in close and could make the return much quicker than then ships boat. Mind I have no military concern. No doubt Acasta could handle any colonial American ship encountered. My concern was of reputation. I wanted to avoid Acasta being named as agitating the Americans; that is without proper orders to do so.

A night rendezvous failing, we have had no choice but to stand in at midday and watch for our party or perhaps for their signal rocket.

This is a complex coastline with a network of hundreds of small islands in inlets and the lieutenant is without a proper horizon to fix his position. He is a competent officer however and the Doctor possess an uncommon intellect. I am sure the delay in their return has a harmless enough cause.

We have stood in these last 2 noons without success and without indecent. We shall try again tomorrow.

Weather clear. Winds a light northwest.

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