Friday, October 7

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 5

We have arrived in the Indiana Territory after a good deal of rather exhausting covert travel in order to intercept our target who, we have discover'd, is still in possession of the packet. We hope to be able to surveil her whilst she makes contact with her counterpart. Then once the packet has been passed, we hope to be able to effect an arrest of the still unknown American agent.

There is a great row of shops nearby, and I should very much like to purchase a new telescope with greater magnification, if one is available.

It is our belief that there are Royal Naval officers encamped in the area and I have discussed with Lt. Ramsey the possibility of enlisting their aid in making the arrest. We will have to be careful, as there are several large encampments of American soldiers nearby as well, and neither of us is anxious to encounter them if we do not have to.

We are, each of us, arm'd with our service pistols and a few cartridges, and the red rocket, which MUST be saved for our return to the coast so we can signal the Acasta.

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