Tuesday, October 25

Lieutenants Hamiltons Log 21 October

Acasta stood off and on last night in the vicinity of the rendezvous point. The cutter was lowered and I took her in near shore about 8 cable length off Swan Island in Toothaker Bay. There is a narrow but deep enough channel for the cutter, but not so deep as to draw large ship traffic. We understand the the locals prefer the wider channel out of Jericho Bay to the south. That being said, we did have the discomfort of the close passing of what I believe were 2 fishing smacking in the predawn.

Our orders not being quite exact and not knowing what to expect I had taken a file of 8 marines and made the expedient of mounting 2 swivel guns in the event the Doctor and the Lieutenant might have angered their relatives.

Perhaps if was unfortunate that the smacks did not come closer after all as the wardroom would have enjoyed fresh fish pie for their dinner.

As dawn approached it became clear that the rendezvous was not going to occur so made our way back out to Acasta.

Acata is now sailing north northeast on apparent course toward Halifax.

At noon winds out of the Northwest, sky overcast, no observations.

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