Wednesday, October 12

A Report from the Field part 1

Miss Waterman, the Courier
At 10AM on Saturday morning we rendevoused with Mr. Midshipman Raley late of the Terpsichore and Able Seaman Mr Cambell of the same, who were to assist us in our mission. Shortly after, we encountered the courier, Miss Waterman and her travel companion Miss Bosworth.

I delivered my letter of condolence to Miss Bosworth, who was in mourning for her recently departed brother, and bid the ladies good morning. As they departed, we signaled Mr. Campbell to follow them. Mr. Campbell was our first card to play.

The letter to Miss Bosworth was the second card to play. It read as follows:

Miss Bosworth,

Please allow me to pass on to you the my most sincere condolences for the recent misfortune of your family.

Because I respect you and your unfortunate situation, I shall not mince words. It has been brought to my attention that the loss of your brother Thomas places your family in a delicate financial situation with your creditors back in England. Your Father owes a good deal to his creditors, Young & Erskine of Glasgow as well as loans from the Bank of England itself for the capital required to start his plantations here. You may not have been made aware, but with the harsh winter of '09 and last summer's drought, your Father's income from his exports has flagged and the creditors have begun to circle like vultures to collect their due.

I have been assigned by the Royal Navy to capture a treacherous Spy that is here in this country. It is the belief of the Navy that your friend Miss Emily Waterman, is in possession of a packet of papers that she is to pass off to the unknown Spy. It is the intent of the British Government to ferret out the identity of this Spy and place them under arrest.

Miss Bosworth in Mourning.
Your need not fear for the safety of your friend, Miss Waterman, it is our belief that she is being forced to act as courier against her will. The Navy's only concern is finding out the identity of the Agent she passes the sensitive packet on to.

If you are able to reveal to us the recipient of said packet and a successful arrest can be made, the packet returned with its contents intact, it is with great pleasure that I inform you that I have been authorized by the Admiralty Office in Whitehall on behalf of His Majesty to offer a settlement that they hope will be satisfactory to all parties concerned. In return for revealing identity of the recipient of the packet, the Crown will pay off your Father's hefty debts and give you an additional Fifty Pounds  for your cooperation.

It is my firm belief that Thomas would not have wanted to have left this mortal coil and endangered the future of his parents and dear sister. This simple act will ensure your family's well-being into the foreseeable future.

Know Miss, that I offer my best compliments to yourself and Family. If, in any of your affairs here, I can render you any acceptable service, I beg you will use that freedom with which I wish you to command, my dear,

Your affectionate and obedient servant,

etc, etc...

After a long half-hour of waiting for the packet to be delivered to the unknown American Spy, we left the British encampment to detain the courier and to begin our investigation.

We separated Miss Waterman and Miss Bosworth and questioned each of them alone.

Miss Waterman, when questioned about who she had seen in the past half hour, gave up the names of a series of ladies that she had seen that morning.

Mrs. Fast and Mrs. Cooper
Mrs. Birkenbach, and Mrs. Burns
A woman in yellow whom Miss Waterman could not remember the name of
Mr. Kannick and the Dubbelds

...and that her route took her through the Indian camp straight into the American camp, then back around down the main road to 96 Warehouse. The route was confirmed by our tail, Mr. Campbell.

Miss Bosworth gave up the same list of names, except that she stated that while they moved through the American camp, Miss Waterman passed the packet on to a fellow by the name of Sgt. Baker with the riflemen encamped there.

The Doctor, Mr. Campbell, Lt Ramsey on the hunt.
Could it have been so simple? Sgt. Baker of the American Rifle Company? We went to investigate, following the path taken by the two young ladies into the heart of the American Camp. be continued...

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