Tuesday, October 11

Lieutenant Hamilton Personal Journal

In my cabin, throbbing head, blackened eye.
It started so well.
With the ship’s provisioning well underway I obtained three days of leave with permission to sleep off the ship.
The ward room had decided to go shares on livestock, wines, cheeses and other stuffs. I had volunteered, in light of my good fortune in the way of leave, to do the marketing.
After having been rowed ashore, I first headed for the markets on Water Front Street. Purchased 6 cases of port, 2 casks of Burgundy, and 2 casks of Claret. The three wheels of cheddar came quite dear, the merchant claimed privatizing.
The live stock acquisition was more arduous due to the seller being located across Barrington Street on the far side of the Governor’s house. There 2 pigs, 3 lambs, and a score of hen were gained and sent back to Acasta. Meals should be inordinately pleasing for the next few weeks aboard.
With these tasks complete, I was able to turn to my social duty’s as I had been invited that afternoon to tea at an old family friend’s home, the widow Murphy…..

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