Thursday, August 1

Acastas Ashore - A Duel 2

Whilst ashore, there was some unpleasantness between our purser, Mr. Cushing and Lord Westlake. If I understand it correctly, there was some discussion as to his lordship's courage in comparrison to that of his brother's.

Capt May of the Marines and Capt Freymann acted as the seconds for the two duelists.
Lt. Tumbusch implores the gentlemen, surely there must be some other way to settle things?
Capt Freymann gives Lord Westlake his pistol.
His Lordship fires!
Cushing's leg is merely grazed by the musket ball.

Fit to return fire, Cushing fires back.
Cushing's musket ball strikes true, Lord Westlake is killed.

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