Friday, August 9

Pressgang Week is Coming!

You may use this banner to promte the event, be sure to make it link back to
In the week leading up the HMS Acasta's Press Gang demonstration at the Fair at New Boston, there will be a series of posts dedicated solely to the act of Press Ganging in the early 19th Century.  We have dubbed it PRESS GANG WEEK! Starting Monday, August 26th and lasting until Friday the 30th, each day the Acasta site will feature special articles, art, video, &c. about Impressment in the Royal Navy.

Invite your friends and stay tuned for further developments!

It's just like SHARK WEEK, except MEANER!


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  2. (PS - you're welcome to use any or all of the above in your posts during Pressgang Week if you want to!)

    1. Sharpie-

      Thanks for all the info! I WILL make use of the video and lyrics if you don't mind. I hid the first post so as to not give everything away for PRESSGANG WEEK :)

    2. You're very welcome! (I have the vid up on Youtube, but it's blocked in certain countries, which is pretty annoying, hence my giving the Vimeo link.)

      May I wish you and the Acastas every success in your endeavours during Pressgang Week?

  3. I'm not sure that a press gang can be any meaner than that advertisement for Shark Week -- the one wherein Snuffy the Seal meets his untimely end.

    Good hunting, shipmates.