Tuesday, November 19

Sailors Wanted

The Doctor & the Captain.
When the seeds were planted in May of 2011 to create the HMS Acasta between Robert Fryman (Captain) and Albert Roberts (Ship’s Surgeon), it was decided right from the start to have the group be ‘invite only'. This was to ensure that the individuals would mesh well and that all members would be on the same page with the Acasta's philosophy of education through first person activities and demonstrations.

To that end, for the purposes of recruitment of new people to the group... we have the ‘Landmen Program'.

How it works:
Contact us and arrange with the Acasta leadership to attend one of our official events throughout the year. Then, you come dressed out to the prearranged event with the Acastas as a sort of 'audition'. This gives the Acasta leadership a chance to see how you mesh with the other members and how you interact with the public as well. This is not a guarantee that you'll get in, the leadership of HMS Acasta reserves the right to refuse anyone membership.

Here's what we're looking for in new members. 
Someone who is motivated to learn and share their knowledge, someone who knows about the position that they're portraying, someone who can act in the manner befitting the station that they portray. First-person and acting skills (no 'Monty Python' accents need apply). And don't forget to salute!

Be sure to read the Clothing Guidelines as laid out on the Acasta website:

Then check out our group’s Philosophy:

Do you think you have what it takes? Contact us to apply today!

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