Wednesday, February 5

From the Carpenter's Log at Bermuda

6 Feb 1814, the Sylph arrived Halifax, 9 days from Bermuda, where nearly 40 US prizes, along with the following RN vessels were in harbour : San Domingo, Acasta, Endymion, Lacedemonion, Diadem, Romulus, Plantaganet, Rattler, Fox, Valiant, Belvidera, Rifleman, Ringdove, and Musquodobit, and the flag officer, San Domingo (74).

The following was writ by the hand of Acasta carpenter, Jas. Apple:

29 Jan. 1814
The Capt. gave his orders for today, I am to take a crew and salvage what we may while stationed in Bermuda. To this task we were to meet with the carpenter and mates of the Romulus, she is a 5th rate and was at the Nile.

We counted close to forty prizes today. Sea was glass and good time was made of initial inspections

30 Jan. 1814
Broke up amongst Acasta and Romulus a goodly number of spars this day Sort and count
47 sacks of oakum which split equal with Romulus
9 kegs of locust trunnels
2 lg. Tarring ladles

1 leg vice
Ditto mousehole anvil 1.0.4 weight
Iron rounds
Ditto flat
1 lg. Box of charcoal
Qty. of long bolts sort and ct.
1 keg nuts
1 set threading tools

1 caulkers box with leather seat
Ditto hammer
Ditto single crease straight iron
Ditto deck iron
Ditto reefing iron
Ditto bent deck iron
Ditto single crease bent iron
Ditto double crease bent iron
Ditto bent trunnel iron
Ditto reef hook
2 small seam rakers

A quantity of rope was located and secured for transport tomorrow

We messed today on new beef and fresh greens

31 Jan. 1814
Orders to stay aboard today off-shores at five ft. 12sec. In the morning

1 Feb. 1814
Today we will collect the rope and have left part of my crew to various sorting and repairs of our ship

Rope has vanished, a search of ship gave no prize

17 coops containing no less than 40 brooding hens twenty and 25 eggs which we split with Romulus equally

Three coops containing gamecocks were also found and two were brought on board A further inspection of supplies is in order to fresh my inventory

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