Friday, July 18

Mail Packet 1814 (2014)

A sneak Preview for you dear reader of the contents of the most recent mail packet project to be deliver'd to the Acastas at Noon tomorrow.

Make note that I played 'post office' with the letters, marking them for postage and using my collection of postmark stamps copied from period sources to give the mail the proper look.

All the marks denote where they're from, or where they went through to get to the intended recipient.

A few pieces that showed up at the last minute!
I'd like to personally thank the following for their amazing efforts:

David VanMeter
Jennifer Jones and her participants with the Harford County Library
Elizabeth Layton
Mr. Bartgis
Juti Winchester and her students
Sabine Schierhoff
Alessandra Reeves
Anna Miller
Amanda Evans
James C. Albright
Lisa Peterson
Angela Grimes
Tony Gerard
Dwight 'Shark' Mayeux

…and all of our other readers who submitted pieces for the education and enjoyment of our members and the public. Without you, the mail packet project would have been woefully empty. More goodies from the Mail Packet next week, be sure to stop back by!

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