Monday, August 25

The Press Gang at New Boston

The organizers of the Fair at New Boston approached the leadership of HMS Acasta before the 2013 fair and asked if we would offer the Press Gang program at their event. We took on the project with great gusto believing it to be an awesome educational opportunity for the throngs of public that attend the event every year.

While there isn't any historical evidence to indicate that British press gangs ever pressed on American soil, (obviously, with the event location being in the middle of Ohio, it's a challenge to be absolutely historically accurate when so far from water) it was thought to be more important to be able to engage audiences on an issue that is so intimately connected to the American involvement in the War of 1812.

Our quota of men to press last year was 30, as ordered by Captain Oliver of HMS Valiant. Whilst ashore, we managed to lay hands on the following:

Powder Monkey 3
Landsman 12
Ordinary Seaman 9
Able Seaman 11
Carpenter's Mate 1

Total 36


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