Thursday, June 25

A 'Sailor's Progress'

A very 'Hogarth-ian' series of photos taken in the basement of the circa 1760 William Brown House (and Tavern). Special thanks to Kyle Dalton and the Historic London Town and Gardens site for holding the Shore Party event and allowing us to make use of their facilities.

Plate One in which our Sailors are enjoying a few innocent diversions whilst ashore.

Plate Two where our Sailors have gotten into their cups and are joined by a third fellow who falls fast asleep.

Plate Three wherein our Sailors do a bit more imbibing, pipes are broken and chamberpots upturn'd.

Plate Four where our Sailor's are TOTALLY not picking that guy's pockets.

Plate Five after a hard afternoon of drinking and being generally up to no good while ashore, our Sailors take a well deserved rest.

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