Thursday, June 8

Rules to Observe in Roasting:

In the first place, take great care the spit be very clean; and be sure to clean it with nothing but sand and water. Wash it clean, and wipe it with a dry cloth; for oil, brick dust, and such things, will spoil your meat.

For Pork: Pork must be well done. To every pound allow a quarter of an hour: for example; a joint of twelve pounds weight three hours, and so on; if it be a thin piece of that weight two hours will roast it. You may baste with fine nice dripping. Be sure your fire be very good and brisk; but don't lay your meat too near the fire, for fear of burning or scorching.

"We gots a few porkers when in Bermooda. The Doctor is always fond of a good swine to sup on. Ifn it lasts a week, I will be color'd surprised."

From the book: "The Servant's Directory, Improved" or "House Keeper's Companion; Wherein the duties of the Chamber-maid, Nursery-maid, House-maid, Laundry-maid, Scullion or Undercook, are fully and distinctly explained. To which is added, Cookery and Pickling sufficient to qualify a person to act as THOROUGH SERVANT in any family."

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