Thursday, June 1

Young Gentlemen Playing at Cards

I shoot quite a good deal of footage at historical events. This footage is from the Christmastide event at Locust Grove, KY. I taught the young men how to play One and Thirty and they ran with it in first person!


  1. I shoot quite a good deal of footage at historical events.

    I would dearly like to know how you shoot footage and/or take photos at events; while I take a camera and spare batteries with me to events, I am generally far too busy partaking n the event itself to remember to document it - and the same goes for the people I'm with. Not to mention of course the amazing anachronism it would be for people in the early nineteenth century to have even a box brownie camera with them.

    If it's that you have someone with you in modern dress who is there just to document your events and activities, how do you get them into the event without paying - if your events are for paying public; the vast majority of events here in the UK are only open to paying public and the ticket price can be anything from £5 to £25 depending on the event, its organisers and the site owners (for example, the annual Detling Military Odyssey is held at the Kent County Showground and the site owners make a small fortune from the price they charge to hold events there.)

    1. THIS particular event I wasn't dressed out so carrying a camera was easy. Usually we have at least one of our guys who brings a camera to document things over the course of the day, but I'm like YOU in that I am generally so busy, I forget to fool with it. When I DO remember to bring the camera or film, I try to do it after hours so as not to spoil the illusion for the public.