Friday, April 26

The Men at St Domingo

The following is a list of Acastas who served and received the Naval General Service Medal for the Battle of Santo Domingo on 6 February 1806. Capture of three and destruction of two French sail of the line.
Purser Peter Henwood's actual medal

ALEXANDER, John  Midshipman
ALLEN, Peter  A.B.
BAILEY, Walter  L.M.
BARRY, John  A.B.
BOON, John  A.B.
CAMPBELL, James  Lieut. R.M.
COLTMAN, James  Ord 
FOOTMAN, John  Ord
GOFF, Richard   A.B.
HAINES, Thomas  Gunner
HARRIS, William  Boy
HENWOOD, Peter  Purser
ISLES, Samuel  Supn (Unrated)
JEFFERY, Samuel  A.B.
McLEAN, Alexander  Pte. R.M.
NAYLOR, Edward  1st LT. R.M.
SANG, Andrew  Ord
SARE, Matthew  A.B.
THOMSON, Thomas  A.B.
WATERS, John  Ord

From: Naval General Service Medal Roll 1793-1840 by Kenneth Douglas Morris

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  1. Could this battle be fodder for yet another of your fine narratives touching on Acasta participation? I'd love to hear about the part she and her company played in the Haitian Revolution.