Friday, October 11

A Covert Mission

A mysterious Red Box with an iron lock being transported by a British agent has fallen into the hands of American forces. What the box contains is known to be of great import to the British war effort, but its exact contents are a mystery. Recent intelligence indicates that the American force that captured the Red Box has positioned it out in front of their commander's tent as a morale boosting rallying point for the American riflemen. The American camp is said to currently be in the area of Mississinewa, preparing to transport the Box.

The HMS Acasta has been tasked with assembling a group of men to go ashore to recover the Red Box and keeping its contents a secret. The Acasta group has also been entrusted with the key to the Box, with the understanding that the contents are to be removed and destroyed immediately upon it being recaptured.

The men from the Acasta have been assembled and are currently en route to Mississinewa to attempt to retrieve the Red Box. The Ship's Surgeon and Mr. Midshipman Raley have previously been on a covert mission at Mississinewa.

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