Friday, October 4

Haste to the Wedding

Wish me luck my friends, for tomorrow I go ashore to marry my lady-love, Miss Margaret Emily Waterman. We will be surrounded by our friends and family in a little country church near my estate, Birdsall Cottage.

You may recall, dear reader, that I proposed to Miss Waterman just over a year ago at the Fair at New Boston. It came as quite a surprise to the young lady in question, as I had had no intention of re-marrying when she and I first met.

It is my hope that you can be as happy as Miss Waterman has made me in the time we have known each other. I wish you all happiness and success and know that I remain, 

Your Humble & Obedient Servant, 
A. Roberts 
Ship's Surgeon 
HMS Acasta 




  1. I wish you and Miss Waterman joy! and a lifetime of happy reenacting together.

  2. Many happy and blessed tidings to you both! How marvelous such a moment was captured for you to enjoy and for the rest of us to sigh over.

  3. I wish you both much joy! May happiness and good fortune favor you for the rest of your days.