Monday, October 28

A Letter to the Doctor

To Dr A. Roberts of HMS Acasta
Oct. 9, 1813

Sir --
I had the pleasure of being introduced to you last summer at Ft George & hope I may be so Bold as to renew our Acquaintance upon the strength of that Pleasant meeting. I had news through a mutual acquaintance that you & Miss Waterman have wed & take the Occasion to offer you my sincere Congratulations. Please give my deepest respects to her.

I hope I may one day have the pleasure of congratulating you in person & speaking further on the natural world. There are many Curious birds to be seen in the forests west of my home in Frederick-town in the State of Maryland. The German countryside of western Maryland, Pennsylvania & Virginia is the most Pleasant I have seen in America, a prosperous & rich land of rolling hills, trim farms & yeoman farmers, the very ideal of our Republic.

If you are a hunting man I will confirm that a trip in search of Indian deer in the wilds of Virginia is every bit as Exciting as I have read recounted in news-papers & books. The town of Bath, commonly known as Berkeley Springs, is naught compared to what I have read of yr country's Original, but for taking the Waters in a Rustic setting it is worth the journey. I have not seen it since boyhood but hope to have liberty to return soon. For now I am -- as we all are -- obliged to do my duty to my Country, though I am enjoying a brief visit ashore.

I remain yr mos obed't & humble servant,
Benjamin F. Bartgis, Midshipman

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