Monday, April 24

Acasta takes the Snapper - 200th

 Admiralty-Office, March 23, 1813.

Enclosed herewith, I beg leave to transmit a list of vessels captured and destroyed between the 16th September last and this date.
A List of Ships and Vessels captured and detained by the Squadron under the Orders of Admiral Sir john Borlase Warren, Bart. and K. B. Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels on the American and West India Station, between the 16th of September 1812 and the 26th February 1813,

Schooner Snapper, from Philadelphia, bound on a cruize, captured by the Acasta, Maidstone, Æolus, and Childers, 3 Nov. 1812.

Source: Bulletins of the Campaign [compiled from the London Gazette]. pages 133 & 135
U.S. Privateer- Snapper
Class- Schr.
Guns- 11
Commanded by- J. Green
Out of- Philadelphia
Ships- 0
Brigs- 0
Schrs- 0
Sloops &c.- 0
Cargo, and estimated value- 172 tons

During the War with Great Britain, from 1812 to 1815.
Captured by three British Frigates, Dec. 12, 1812, after being completely riddled by their shot.

George Foster Emmons, The navy of the United States, from the commencement, 1775 to 1853; with a brief history of each vessel’s service and fate ... Comp. by Lieut. George F. Emmons ... under the authority of the Navy Dept. To which is added a list of private armed vessels, fitted out under the American flag ... also a list of the revenue and coast survey vessels, and principal ocean steamers, belonging to citizens of the United States in 1850.
( Washington: Gideon & Co., 1853.) page 180, 181

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