Tuesday, October 24

A Recollection of Young Teazer

At dawn, I was awakened by the drumming To Quarters, wherein Mr. Reid, Mr. Vasserman and I made ready the surgery. Afterward, it was pointed out to me by Vasserman that I had neglected to fix my cravat, and he straightened and tied it for me. Only then did I venture up on deck to ascertain the situation fully.

The men seemed to be making the proper amount of haste in readying their stations in this ungodly hour, several nearly knocking me to down whilst rounding corners quickly.

The Acasta had been off Cape Sable some distance with Capt. Oliver's HMS Valiant through the night. I bid the officers good morning and joined them in having a look at the excitement through my glass. The lookout had spotted His Majesty's Sloop Wasp in pursuit of and American vessel. I could see them both fairly clear as they came around the area the officers referred to as 'Baron Bank'. There behind the Wasp's prey flew the American flag.

"Does anyone know who that American vessel is?" queried I, still watching it.

"Looks to be 'Young Teazer' Doctor, make note of the 'Alligator' that makes up her figurehead."

I scarcely had the heart to mention that their figurehead looked nothing like the Alligators I'd seen drawings of.

I turned my eye over to the nearby Valiant, and through my glass I could espy Capt. Oliver and his officers watching the Wasp's approach from their own quarterdeck. Through my lens, Oliver lowered his own telescope and began to silently issue orders to his men. The vague sound of distant and incoherent shouting could be made out across the water between the Acasta and the Valiant.

There came a great shouting on the Quarterdeck as orders were giv'n and repeated and then passed down the chain of command to give chase.

To be continued...

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