Friday, October 27

Our Material Culture

We have created a good deal of items beyond just the clothing we wear for the Acasta in order to create the illusion of the early 19th Century and educate the public. Contained herein are images of some of the extra bits and bobs we have created to go along with our naval impressions.

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The Bill of Fare, period repro newspapers and the signage to go along with our tented tavern, 'Lord Nelson's Arms'. Although we frequently joke that perhaps the name should have been 'Lord Nelson's ARM'.

We have created a veritable period post office populated with custom made, reproduction postage stamps!

Hand sewn canvas with custom designed and hand painted graphics for our recruitment banner!

A sailor's toolbox with his name hand painted on the side filled with custom items.

Hand painted hat ribbons bearing the ship's name for the sailors.

Letters and documents to fill pockets and laptop desks!

The dreaded Blue Pill! We roll our own and the sailors and public can even ingest them. Spoiler Alert: they're just colored dough allowed to harden.

Letters from home and from the Admiralty written by each Acasta member,
and sometimes even by YOU the reader! 

The Mail Packet itself, hand painted on canvas to look stained and aged with wear and use. 

Broadsides of all sorts based on the bills of the period. 

Custom designed and hand painted graphics for the Bosun's hat based
on graphics and designs of the era.

Tons of beautiful rope and knotwork!

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