Tuesday, January 23

A Nelson Companion

A Nelson Companion- A guide to the Royal Navy of Jack Aubrey 
by C Maynard
a VERY short book review by Tony Gerard

This is a great little book! At less than 130 small pages this book is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, but is rather a collection of interesting information about life in the royal navy during the age of fighting sail. That said it does seem to cover almost every aspect of shipboard life in some short bites. This would be an excellent primer for anyone just developing an interest in the Royal Navy. Some labeled diagrams to go along with some of the explanations would have been great, and almost all the line drawing illustrations are from a later time period, but it really doesn’t detract that much. 

A little feature I enjoyed was “Nautical origins of common phrases and sayings” which was stuck in between various sections. The book also has a nice glossary of terms, plus a bibliography of sources, websites and a mention of museums relating to the topic. Every Acasta should have a copy of this little book!

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