Thursday, January 4

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The Abigail, a merchantman, Captain Bradley, arrived at Liverpool from Jamaica and reported the loss of the Lowestoffe, a 32-gun frigate, Captain Robert Plampin.

The Abigail joined the fleet for England, which consisted of 100 sail of vessels, on 28 July off Port Antonio, and at 8pm made sail under convoy of the Acasta and Lowestoffe frigates, Bonetta sloop of war, and Musketo and Sting schooners.

On 11 August at 5am the Luwestoffe was seen on shore with her masts gone and bilged on the north-east end of Heneager (Great Inagua). Four ships and a brig were also on shore and only twenty vessels were then in sight; with the Acasta and Bonetta lying-to. at 5pm the Acasta took charge of the ships then in company and left the Bonetta and her three boats to assist the vessels on shore. On 7 September the Abigail parted from the fleet in gale of the wind at north-west in position 43˚49'N 39˚06'W and arrived at Liverpool on Tuesday 22 September.

NC vol 6, pg. 250; Times, 28 September 1801

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