Thursday, September 6

Ashore with Friends

Today's post penned by S. Diatz 
who portrays our Ship's Purser N. Armitage

" we were encamped for a while, to tend to ship's business on dry land, I renewed my friendship with Mr Alan Spencer..who visited, and brought some cooling hard cider, with him. It made a few hours musing, pass by quickly, until some proper evening's entertainment beckoned him and his charming wife, to the playhouse, in town..A splendid couple they are, and a boon to know them..". 

"..the always-charming Mrs Spencer, attended a fine evening's entertainment, that next night, with her husband, in town..where only the best of folks congregated. I was fortunate to attend, as well, but was relegated to the 'gaming salon', pursuing the dice and card tables..".

Nicholas Armitage, RN, Portsmouth, England, July 1805.

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