Tuesday, September 11

Meet Molly Swift

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Today's post written by Teri Linden

Those in London’s east end, specifically Shoreditch, are no strangers to the Long Neck Goose Tavern and Inn, where Will Swift & his wife Molly were proprietors, until Will got them into terrible debt gambling away their meager earnings.  That is why today we find Molly in servitude to Sally Brown at her Lord Nelson’s Arms Tavern. 

A distant, somewhat related, cousin of Sally’s, Molly was fortunate enough to have gained her station assisting with meal preparation, cleaning and doing laundry for the Acasta Crew when they are ashore, while her no good excuse for a husband whiles his time away in jail.  

Molly takes comfort in her children being grown and able to make their own way in the world and is especially proud of her eldest boy, Ethan, who is in His Majesty’s Royal Navy, though whereabouts unknown.  

It is for Ethan she remains hopeful and keeps an extra lookout for the youngest Acasta crew members, making sure they get enough to eat and continue with their book learning.

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