Friday, December 21

Another Mini Book Review

The War for all the Oceans
by Roy and Lesley Adkins

Yet another mini Book Review by Tony Gerard

This book begins with Napoleon's rise to power in 1789 and ends with his demise and exile.  It is a great overall review covering the Battle of the Nile to Waterloo and a bit of what happened afterward from the point of view of the Royal Navy. 

As with "Nelson's Trafalgar" the Atkins (now writing as a husband and wife team) writing style is nonacademic - they're relating an exciting story, not giving a tactical evaluation. The book is liberally stocked with historic quotes, always a good thing in my opinion. I would especially recommend this book as an overview for our younger Acastas, who's life experiences would not have gone back much further than the period covered by the book.

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