Tuesday, July 31

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 17

I bid farewell to the gentlemen of the Nancy and the Western Lakes Station
At the conclusion of the Naval assault, I took my leave and made my way southward with the Tumbuschs and Miss Waterman.

Arranged to meet with some of the crew ashore at a large fair before returning to the Acasta, and invited the Tumbuschs and Miss Waterman to join in. Lt. Ramsey, Capt. May, Sailing Master L. Minnis, and Ship's Clerk Mr. Cushing were all on hand to enjoy the festivities.

Mr. Minnis with a rather unsightly beard!
Capt. L. May in a very different uniform.
Some of the activities to take part in were:

Bareknuckle Boxing
I took a turn in the ring for an impromtu boxing lesson.
Miss Waterman won Ten Pounds on the fellow in the red
I took afternoon tea with my girls
Picnic with the ladies
Walks about the scenic grounds
Lt. Ramsey and myself in the Hellfire Club.
I have discovered in the course of our time together in the Hellfire Club that Mr Cushing and Lt. Ramsey are the jolliest drunks I have ever known. They are quite the opposite of my own tendency to be overcome with sleepiness when intoxicated (as is evidenced perfectly by the image above). The gentlemen involved in the meeting of the Hellfire Club all drank port and bourbon and smoked cigars. More than I few tall tales were told.

Mr. Cushing and Lt. Ramsey in the Hellfire Club.

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