Wednesday, July 11

A Letter to William - A Nephew

Quebec City, July 1oth

My dearest William,

I hope this post finds you in good health and good standing with your school master. As of her last letter your mother informed me that you been defaultant in the proper application you’re yourself to the academic ventures. Your actions have caused my sister much heartache and woe. You alone have the means to relieve her pain and I urge you to do so by the diligent practice upon your studies. But enough on this missive. I am at present in Quebec City having recently depositing my captain ashore for some week of business. It is a most particular place William. When walking on the streets and in the taverns one encounters not only good Englishmen, transplanted American loyalists, recognizable by the churlishness that is manifest in their conduct, and Canadian Frenchmen. This later group is most discommoding due to the fact they not only speak French but do so openly and unabashedly and with no attempt at theirs King ’s English. A generation has passed since the attainment of New France and still we have French being spoken in the public. I cannot see but this abnormality effecting civil strife in years to come. Perhaps you will someday make your way to this part of the empire and by then, God willing, the English language will all that remains. Your father writes me that the crops grow bountifully and that he has acquired a new stallion. Write me of the progress of this new beast as your father is always short on description believing that a naval officer has no interest in such matters. Give your mother and sisters my love. I am, my dear Sir, 

affectionately yours, 
LT. James Hamilton 

Post Sriptum. It is my intention to send forth a parcel of some interesting items that particular to this city. Tell your mother to expect this packet.

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