Thursday, July 5

Lieutenant Hamilton’s Log July 1

Aboard Acasta, currently anchored in Quebec harbor owing to the occasion of depositing Captain Freymann ashore for the purposes of official business of a nondescript and enigmatic nature and so soon after returning to his ship. 

I offer this in my log not a reproach of our good Captain but only as a good council for those in future who may be charged with the cogitation of Acasta’s logs and her seemly singular activities. Acasta lies six cables off the main docks in the main row. 

A most desirable anchorage as the land lay offers shelter from the weather, but the tidal ebb insures putting to sea in a predictable and creditable fashion. 

My orders are to provision the ship, allow all or none liberty as I see fit. And to return to independent patrol duty until the passage of 4 weeks at which time Acasta is to return to Quebec to retrieve the Captain. 

Lt. James Hamilton RN

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