Tuesday, March 29

A quick way to take Grease out of Woollen Cloth

"Get a piece of brown paper, make it very wet, and take a red hot coal, roll it in the paper, and keep it dabbing on the spot; when the paper grows dry take another piece and another hot cinder, and keep dabbing the spot till it is out; then brush it and the spot will disappear."

Burnt a hole in the doctor's old wool breechis, wen I forgot bout the coal. I got a tong thrashing something feerc for it. I dint unnerstand haff the things he said anyhows, so it don't bother me none. Nows I need to find a scrap for a pach.

 From the book: "The Servant's Directory, Improved" or "House Keeper's Companion; Wherein the duties of the Chamber-maid, Nursery-maid, House-maid, Laundry-maid, Scullion or Undercook, are fully and distinctly explained. To which is added, Cookery and Pickling sufficient to qualify a person to act as THOROUGH SERVANT in any family."

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