Tuesday, March 22

To wash thread & cotton stockings

Nelson's stockings
"Give them two lathers and a boil, blueing the water well; wash them out of the boil, but don't rince them; then turn the wrong side outwards, and fold them very smooth and even, laying them one upon another, and a weight on them to press them smooth; let them lie a quarter of an hour, then hang them up to dry, and when quite so, roll them up tight, but don't iron them, and they will look quite new."

I wersh the demmed rite one every day. The doctor don't remember to take off his left shew until an hour or more after the rite. His nose is pres'd into a demmed book all the time. They don't wear strait.

From the book: "The Servant's Directory, Improved" or "House Keeper's Companion; Wherein the duties of the Chamber-maid, Nursery-maid, House-maid, Laundry-maid, Scullion or Undercook, are fully and distinctly explained. To which is added, Cookery and Pickling sufficient to qualify a person to act as THOROUGH SERVANT in any family."

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  1. Vassermann, it is my belief that you wash them entirely too often. You'll wear them out prematurely with all your abrasive scrubbing.

    And while I'm here, where's my coffee?