Tuesday, March 15

Cleaning the Doctor's Linen

To take all sorts of spots out of linen:
"Hold the linen where the spot is, round a silver or stone mug containing boiling water; cut a lemon in four, and rub the spot well with it; this will take it out entirely.  Or when it happens in the middle of summer, and the sun is very hot, soap the spots on both sides, and hang it in the sun till bone-dry and they will come out; but mind that you soap the linen all over; and it will make it white; or rubbed well with the juice of sorrel, will take out the spots; making the juice hot, and dipping the linen where the spot is,will take it out; or salt and vinegar will do, rubbing it well, and squeezing it out; or take sharp vinegar in a tin , or earthen pipkin, boil it, and as it is over the fire, dip in the spot and nip it out; if not dip it in again till it is perfectly out; then rub it well with soap, dry it by the fire or sun, and wash it out."

He don't lissen to my advise about keeping his linens out the blood.

From the book: "The Servant's Directory, Improved" or "House Keeper's Companion; Wherein the duties of the Chamber-maid, Nursery-maid, House-maid, Laundry-maid, Scullion or Undercook, are fully and distinctly explained. To which is added, Cookery and Pickling sufficient to qualify a person to act as THOROUGH SERVANT in any family."

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