Wednesday, August 22

The Viscountess

Today's post penned by S. Diatz 
who portrays our Ship's Purser N. Armitage

"..away from the glittering ballroom, in the 'gaming salon', as that long elegant evening progressed, the play at the dice-table became very intense..and the young Viscountess hazarded a small fortune in the stakes. Each succeeding cast was more costly to her ladyship.. she would then be forced to tender a hefty sum, in a 'draft upon her bankers', to Mr Armitage, who had much more experience and skill, at those gaming tables of Town.." 

"..after the long evening of gaming..when Viscountess 'G' had lamented her leaving the ballroom, for the gaming salon..she ruefully tendered her heavy 'note of hand', to Mr Armitage. Lesson learned ..that the 'safety of the dance-floor' should never be taken lightly, when skilled gamesters an evening's entertainment.."

'The Grand Ball', held at The Pendennis Club, Mayfair, London,

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