Thursday, October 11

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 21

Post from an elder brother to a younger.

To: Dr. A. Roberts
Surgeon aboard
H.M.S. Acasta
Halifax, Nova Scotia
in the North American Station

Dear Albert,

AS you have been gone from home for some time, and are long since arrived at years of some discretion, I thought it not amiss to put you in mind that your childish affairs ought now to be entirely laid aside, and instead of them more serious thoughts, and things of more consequence, should take place; whereby we may add to the reputation of our family, and gain to ourselves the good esteem of being virtuous and diligent in life, which is of great value, and ought to be studied beyond any trifling amusements whatsoever: for it will be an ornament in youth, and a comfort in old age.

If you have fifty guineas, which you can, without any inconveniency, spare for about six months, I shall be greatly obliged to you to lend them to me for so long. I have been disappointed, and pressed for money at the same time. It is an unlucky, but not an uncommon, circumstance. You will believe me, that I would not ask this of you, if I were not certain to give it you back.

You have too much good nature to be offended at my advice, or at my request,  especially when I assure you, that I as sincerely wish your happiness and advancement in life as I do my own. We are all, thank God, very well, and desire to be remembered to you, Pray, write as often as opportunity and leisure will permit; and be assured a letter from you will always give great pleasure to all your friends here, but to none more than
Your most affectionate brother,
and sincere humble servant,

at The George
On High Street
Alford, Lincolnshire 

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  1. Alford, Lincolnshire??? That is near where I used to live in England. As you probably already know, the George Inn does exist on High Street to this day. Odd, the co-incidences I have encountered on this site.
    1. I believe I have an ancestor that served on the Acasta,
    2. The modern day "Commander" shares a family name with some other ancestors of mine,
    3. The "Surgeon" has a brother (and perhaps other family?) who live near my own home town in Lincolnshire.

    P.S. there may be a typo in your spelling of "Lincolnshire" on the website...or is it just an older form of the spelling?

    John from Upper Canada.