Monday, October 29

HMS Bounty Crew Abandons Ship at Sea

An image from the deck of the Bounty trying to get through the storm.
2:55 AM EDT: Coast Guard spokesman David Weydert tells ABC News, “The Coast Guard received notification that the sailing vessel HMS Bounty was in distress. We responded by sending out a C-130 aircraft and we’re currently monitoring the situation.”

And this from the Bounty's Facebook page: 
"The crew is safe and accounted for. They have abandoned ship. They are in their sea survival suits and in a life boat. A Coast Guard cutter is racing to pick them up. The coast guard plane has heat sensing ability and has scanned the Bounty for any people on it...There is no one one on the ship. Again...ALL the crew is safe and in a lifeboat."

Also from their Facebook page:
"We received a distress call for Bounty at 1830 Sunday evening that the Ship lost power and the pumps were unable to keep up with the dewatering. At that time we immediately contacted the USCG for assistance.

A C130 was sent to there position approximately 90 miles SE of Cape Hatteras. At 0430 today the Captain ordered all hands to abandon ship. There are 17 Crew on board and at this moment all crew are accounted for and are in Life rafts.

The first USCG helicopter has reached the ship and is in the process of rescuing them. Bounty is currently still floating upright and intact. We will keep everyone informed as info becomes available"

For the most recent news story from CBC news Nova Scotia, click HERE.

And find the latest update from the Coast Guard HERE.

God Speed to the Bounty and her crew, may they all return home safe and sound!

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