Thursday, October 25

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 23

Our blockade seems to never end.

While we did have a lovely dinner in honour of Lord Nelson's victory at Trafalgar, our mission of late has generally made even the most jolly among us testy and cross. Lt. Ramsey has been so busy that I have scarcely seen him in the Wardroom and it has been weeks since we were able to visit and work on our various projects as we were once wont to do.
I have read all my books and find I long for something new to read. My last batch of post from home brought only bills and disagreeable correspondence, and I have answered them all. My tidy little pile of mail awaits delivery on the next ship bound for Halifax.
The only advantage I can see to this prolong'd assignment is that I am able to catch up on the cases of venereal disease amongst the men. The less often they are given their liberty ashore, the better in regards to my supply of physick and their own well-being.

It would seem that one of the lookouts has spotted a sail on the horizon. Perhaps I will go up and have a look.

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