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The Matter of James Tring

230.   JAMES TRING was indicted for feloniouly stealing, on the 23rd of December, a stone bottle, and a gallon of gin, value 10s. the property of   James Small .

  JAMES SMALL . I am a baker , and live at Holloway, near Islington. I lost a stone bottle containing a gallon of gin, and half a pound of tea, on the evening of the 23rd of December, about half past six o'clock I keep a cart, and these things were in it; I was going home with my cart, and these things were taken out  opposite the Leaping Bar in St. John-street . I am quite sure the things were safe when I went into the Leaping Bar; but when I came out, they were gone; I saw the prisoner in the cart, and when I came out, he had the gin in his possession, and he was in the hands of Thompson, the constable.

  WILLIAM THOMPSON . I am a patrole. I was present in St. John-street, when this occured, and saw Mr. Small there. I saw the prisoner in company with another or two that evening, lurking about St. John-street; he was dressed in a jacket, white corderoy breeches, and topped boots. I saw Small leave his cart once or twice; I watched him up to the Leaping Bar. The prisoner was following the cart, with his companions. Small stopped at the Leaping Bar, and went in, and I saw almost immediately the prisoner lay hold of the cask, and shoved it off the side where it stood; the other two were near the cart; they were dressed in long coats, and the prisoner had a long coat over his jacket. I saw him jump on the shafts of the cart;he had got a parcel; but I could not see what it was. He jumped off the shafts of the cart, and smashed the bottle with the gin in a thousand pieces. I laid hold of him, and picked up half a pound of tea from the middle of the road. The other two came up at first; but found I was too strong for them, and I took the prisoner into custody.

The prisoner put in a written defence, which stated that he had been in his Majesty's sea service twelve years; stated the several ships on board of which he had served, and amongst others, the Acasta Frigate, Captain  Carr , on which he had served last, and the actions in which he had been engaged; that he only was discharged the 23rd of last month, had spent all his money, and was very much in liquor when this happened, and he did not know what he was about.

CAPTAIN ALEXANDER ROBERT CARR (misspelled from 'Kerr'), of the Acasta, gave the prisoner a very good character.


As Captain Carr promised to recommend him immediately to another ship, and was confident he would do his duty as a seaman, the prisoner was fined a shilling , and delivered into the care of Captain Carr .

Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Common Serjeant.

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 7.0, 21 February 2014), January 1816, trial of JAMES TRING (t18160110-65).

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