Wednesday, January 9

A found letter

A letter found on the Quarterdeck by the officer of the watch 

Sir Captain Rehme,


Firstly we want to say that we are as loyal to the King and yourself as any ships company in the fleet and have no complaint against you or any of our officers.

Secondly we want to humbly beseech you to do what you can for Mr Batise that he don’t get hanged as he is a good surgeon what we all trust and he was trained my Dr Roberts and surgeons don’t come no better than him.

Thirdly we wish you to know that that Lobster what Mr Baiste shot had it coming and then some for he had insulted both Dr Roberts and his wife most villainously and the fact that Mr Baiste only wounded him not mortal  shows what a kindly fellow he is.

Fourthly we wish you to know that Mr Apple did not serve as secont to Mr Batiste as some have said and that is just a slanderous rumor.

Fifthly which  that we are much indidposed to have Frenchman for our new surgeon as how can a loyal subject of the King trust to a Frenchman even of he can sing God Save and such

Your loyal crew

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