Thursday, January 10

Further Investigation

Captain Sir Jas. Rehme, K.B.
His Majesty's Ship Acasta
St. Kitts, West Indies Station

Dear Sir,

I have the pleasure of delivering the good news that our surgeon reports Sargent Major Cockburn’s wound appears beyond the danger of sepsis and he is expected to make a full recovery. Should he have died I feel I would have had no option but to have hung your man Girard.

I have done some further investigation and found that several members of your crew were present at this dual, as you have no doubt already surmised.  A man named Apple- it is my understanding that he may be a petty officer- apparently served as Mr. Girard’s second. I have also learned that Mr. Girard rendered the good Sargent major medical aid after he had shot him. One can only speculate weather this was done through Christian charity or the sudden realization of his own dire situation.

I can return your man to you or keep him imprisoned as you see fit. There will need be some manner of official inquiry. Let me know your preference for the result of this official inquiry and we can make it so.

I await your response at your leisure.

I remain, your friend & humble servant,
Wm. Jas. Severn, Port Admiral
HMS Ganges, Pump Bay
Brimstone Hill, St. Kitts

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