Wednesday, August 16

Acasta in the News

PORTSMOUTH, May 23. The Quebec convoy weighed anchor on Monday, but could get no further than Cowes Road, from whence they sailed on the following day. - The Newfoundland convoy sailed on Monday, the Lisbon convoy on Tuesday.

Sunday- Sailed the Minerva frigate, Comet and Savage sloops, with convoys for Newfoundland and Halifax.

Monday- Arrived the Acasta, of 38 guns, Capt. Kerr, from the Downs; Parthian and Jasper sloops, - Sailed the Warspite, of 74, Capt. Blackwood, off Cherbourg; Nemesis and Mermaid troop ships, for Lisbon.

Tuesday- Sailed the Leyden troop ship for Lisbon; Rinaldo and Tyrian sloops, and Misletoe schooner.

Wednesday- Arrived the Cossack, of 22, Captain Price, from the Downs.- Sailed the Active, of 38, Captain Gordon; North Star sloop, Capt.Coe; and Tortoise storeship, for the Downs. Came into harbour the Minden, of 74.

Friday- Arrived the Spitfire and Buzzard, from a cruize; Carmarthen and Alexander East Indiamen, at the Motherbank, from the Downs.

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