Tuesday, August 29

HMS Ramillies is Signaling!

The Acasta, in company with HMS Ramillies and Dotterel, was sent out from the Royal Navy Dockyard at Bermuda in search of an American Frigate that is reported to be in the area. We have been on the lookout for several days.

Today, the Ramillies came within sight and was flying her signal flags. Fetch your copy of Popham's Signal Book and translate that signal straight away! Be sure to post your results in the comment area below.


  1. "Enemy ship not seen: Continue searching".
    Or, in MacPopham's Scots translation,
    "Nae a whit o' th' feckit cuddy: keep yer wheesth shet an'yer eyes oopen!"

  2. Enemy ship not seen, continue searching. Sir.