Monday, August 28

Books in the Blockade

The library aboard the Acasta really is depressingly sparse. The other wardroom officers and I have worked out an arrangement that we might borrow books from one another to keep our minds active during the blockade. 

I have discover'd that this arrangement tends to work much in my own favour, as the lieutenants are not generally interested in reading up on Jones' Practical Remarks on the treatment of Wounds and Fractures, or Turnbull's System of Naval Surgery. 

As I believe I have read nearly everything that the gentlemen of the Wardroom have to offer, and have read nearly everything I can get my hands upon aboard ship (save for Mr Midshipman Calhoun's copy of 'The Young Sea Officer's Assistant' of which I have very little use), I have taken to reading up on the various instructional manuals.

Lately, I have taken to reading the Popham's Manual on Telegraphic Signals. I have also been on deck with my spyglass practicing the translation of said flags whenever the opportunity affords.

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