Wednesday, January 25

A Recollection

by Jas. Apple

Once we had this lieutenant who told me of when he first sailed  from Portsmouth, his wife was pregnant with their second child due but a fortnight past his leaving. And having been away the short side of three years, he received news upon his return to Halifax of the birth of his new son and of the passing of his beloved wife during birthing.  He said that his three children were being raised by his older brother as his own, and his brother had a substantial estate and raised blooded horses, his brother's only wife was lost to some kind if fever as he would recall.

He once told me of the day that he and his brother were saddling horses to go have a chase with the dogs, he told me that a his stud horse cow-kicked his brother in the face over and over again till he was gone. 

He buried his only brother next to his own wife, the mother if his three children on the south side of a hill.

He said that when I leave the sea that I should visit him on his new estate and we could take out the hounds for a chase, we still post to each other but I don't believe I shall ever saddle up with him.

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