Friday, January 13

From the Naval Chronicle


Sept, 28. Arrived the Venerable, of 74 guns, Captain Hood; and the Russel, of 74 guns, Captain Cuming, from Sir J. Saumarez's squadron, off Cadiz. Also the Tartar, of 36 guns. Captain Walker, from off Havre; and the Glenmore, of 36 guns, Captain Talbot from Plymouth. Sailed the Mondovi sloop of war, Captain Duff, with dispatches for Egypt.

29. Arrived the Arethusa frigate, Captain Wolley, from Madeira.

30. Arrived the St. Antonio, of 74 guns, Hon. Captain Dundas; and on

Oct 1. Arrived the Audacious, of 74 guns, Captain Peard, from Sir James Saumarez's squadron.

2. Arrived the Fortunee frigate, Captain Lord A. Beauclerc, from attending his Majesty at Weymouth; Acasta, of 36 guns, Captain Fellowes, from the West Indies, last from the Downs; and the Union cutter, Lieutenant Rowed, from a cruise.

3. Arrived the Wasp sloop of war, Captain Bullen, from a cruise; and the Racoon, Captain Rathborne, with a smuggler, which the captured off Beachy Head. Sailed the Union cutter, Lieutenant Rowed, on a cruise.

5. Sailed the Barfleur, of 98 guns, Rear-Admiral Collingwood, Captain Ommaney, to join the Channel Fleet; Tartar, of 36 guns, Captain Walker, for Cork, to take the trade from thence to Jamaica; and the Constance, of 24 guns, Captain Mudge, with General Count Viomenil and suite on board, for Lisbon.

from the Naval Chronicle Vol 6. Page 346 1801

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