Wednesday, September 12

A Report from the Field 5

Shortly after our conversation with Mr. Mains, we found the the woman in Blue with the purple turban. She and a friend were out shopping and the woman in blue carried with her a great matching reticule. From a distance it seemed that it might be large enough to contain the packet if it were folded in two. 

We followed at some distance, and if the woman in blue noticed she didn't give herself away. We strolled casually down Ward Lane to the smell of all the food from the nearby eateries, the road was packed with visitors to the fair eager to fill their bellies. 

Eventually, the woman in blue and her friend took refuge in the tent belonging to Mr. Kingery's Ox-Bow Livery, at the North end of Ward Lane. We took up a position where we could see her about 40 yards away. 

It was at this point that Lt. Ramsey approached us and hullo'd the party. I informed him as to our activities and pointed out the suspect to him. I also informed him that I would allow him to approach her, as he was in plainclothes and might garner more cooperation from her than a gang of armed Navy men. And besides, I had questioned Mr. Mains. 

Lt. Ramsey approached and entered the tent and Mr. Raley and I stood back a bit. I could not hear what Mr. Ramsey said, for as he began to address the lady, Mr. Kingery the proprietor approached me in a huff to inquire as to the nature of the trouble. 

I assured him that we were about the King's business and that there was no trouble, and my explanation seemed to placate him. But by the time we had completed our conversation, Lt. Ramsey was exiting the tent. 

Lt. Ramsey
After a brief discussion about our business, the Lieutenant was satisfied that the Lady in blue did not have the packet, so much so that he had not even bothered to search her. 

That left only Mr. Tumbusch to question. We made our way back to camp as the looming storm clouds moved into the area.

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